The Next Generation of Subnetworks
We host affiliate programs from multiple networks. Join us to enhance your marketing campaigns and feel the ultimate control over sales.
Why join the Marketplace?
Free publisher acquisition
You don’t have to look for new partners — we do that. Admitad absorbs all the expenses for engaging publishers and continuously expands its outreach.
Instant access to customers
No more secluded regions — you can start promoting your goods anywhere, anytime. Boost your advertisers’ sales with quality traffic from unique publishers!
Pay only for the traffic you order. With the ultimate power to manage your publishers — either one-by-one or in bulk — you get accurate tracking data for each and every action they deliver.
API control
You can access our core functions from your backend. Moderating publishers, pre-approving traffic sources and changing reward rates — all without us seeing your programming interface
You get to publish your affiliate network logo on each of your programs in the Marketplace catalog. Subnetworks have never done this before.
Fraud protection
We monitor every click to ensure that you get quality traffic. We detect adware, attempts at brand-bidding and other violations.
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